Crime Of The Week: June 12


The Corpus Christi Police Department is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to remedy a violent bank robbery.
A financial institution teller turned into sprayed in the face with wasp spray.
The robbers are nevertheless on the free.
It’s our Crime Of The Week.

The Robbery passed off on Thursday, September 28, 2017, at the Postal Employees Credit Union positioned at 6810 Saratoga Blvd.

According to investigators, the men walk in sprayed the teller and camera before leaping over-the-counter and demanding cash.
The financial institution teller becomes not severely hurt.

Connor Hagan the FBI Public Affairs Officer says, ” This becomes a mainly violent theft. A lot of times we don’t see robbers off the bat going in and spraying a person with wasp spray. We especially don’t see that earlier than they made any needs. This turned into an innocent teller going about her normal business. These guys got here in and actually ruined the day for her.”

Both guys who were dressed as creation workers have been capable of get away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
The adult males had been described as Hispanic adult males, one standing 5’7″ and the opposite status five’2″.

Anyone who can become aware of the guys, or has information approximately this bank robbery have to name Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS.
Crime Stoppers guarantees to preserve your identity secret and if the records end in an arrest, it could earn you as much as $2,500.

As my own family and I were in Turks and Caicos on our excursion/business ride. We without a doubt made it through our 7 nights quality, but as we watched the Weather Channel on Sunday, Aug twenty-first, we observed that there has been an opportunity of Tropical Storm Irene becoming a typhoon and heading in our direction. On Monday at around 11:00 am, we discovered out our flights have been canceled for going home on Tuesday. We additionally discovered out that Tropical Storm Irene become now Hurricane Irene and might be heading right for us. Yikes!!
Resort Meeting:
At 2:00 pm on Monday, there was a hotel meeting at the Italian restaurant with the hotel’s General Manager. He let anybody understand what the motel turned into going to be doing to preserve all the guests as safe as feasible, and to maintain all of us as cozy as viable. He told us that the motel had massive five million dollar turbines at their disposal in case the power turned into to exit, and they had enough meals and water for 30 days. He instructed us that the storm might hit around 2 pm on Tuesday and that we would want to live in our rooms and that there could be restaurants open for us to eat, and many indoor sports to be had for both youngsters and adults to experience whilst we waited out the storm.
Waiting for Hurricane Irene:
Hurricane Irene became most effective shifting approximately 9 miles an hour and had become a class 2 hurricane because it left Puerto Rico and headed toward Turks and Caicos. We had a reasonably fine day of climate on Monday, however as the day went on, we noticed higher winds, the waves inside the ocean had been getting extra uneven and there has been a few on and stale once more showers that we had not skilled the previous 7 days. I decided to start giving video updates from the resort to keep humans informed of how the climate situations were going at in Turks and Caicos.