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DFS Strategy: The following transcript is from Awesome’s weekly top rate Office Hours.
Awesome [6:54 PM] @channel Taking a few questions and constructing some US open lineups this night. AMA!
Travyg [6:55 PM] What’s your pre-lock visit when constructing lineups (track, meditation, white noise, silence and so on.)
Awesome [6:56 PM] Live Before Lock
Wiggy [6:56 PM] Any climate facet? Tee time wave I mean
Llama Trainer [6:57 PM] Isn’t this occasion harder to choose with the route usually transferring.
Wiggy [6:57 PM] How many lineups and how many gamers do you put in your player pool
Awesome [6:58 PM] I suppose which you might be able to get an area stacking tee times however it’s now not how I try to get my side
Llama Trainer [6:58 PM] @Awesemo any plans for Father’s Day weekend?
Jake Hari [6:59 PM] Do you’ve got any PGA nuggets for the fish like me?
Awesome [6:59 PM] I don’t suppose it’s necessarily harder to decide because they played at the same course inside the PGA in beyond years. The path is a piece different however comparable
About 50-60 gamers in my lineups for tomorrow
DumpsterFire [7:00 PM] How important is route records? How do you technique golfers who may additionally have by no means performed the path?
Wiggy [7:00 PM] What guidelines do you provide for a person playing 5 or much fewer lineups for PGA
FkCoolers [7:00 PM] make em be counted
Awesome [7:00 PM]
Optimizing for factors doesn’t work flawlessly in PGA in comparison to different sports due to the fact high projected gamers are undervalued and low projected are puffed up
Something like a stars and scrubs lineup doesn’t truly work in PGA both
FkCoolers [7:01 PM] In brief, nothing works?
Awesome [7:01 PM] I assume course history might be overvalued and what’s extra important is their longtime history
Llama Trainer [7:02 PM] This path is traditionally a pro-am event although
FkCoolers [7:02 PM] Do you put a great deal stock into steamed vegas outright lines or something like that?
KellyCanuck [7:02 PM] Also, as our guy Bric75 mentioned, course history is already baked into the Vegas traces.
Llama Trainer [7:03 PM] your man?
Awesome [7:03 PM] yea I study the Vegas odds to win but I have observed they’re quite biased
For instance this week Brooks Koepka and Tiger woods have way higher odds than they have to just because that’s what people are willing to pay
Who are you guys on this week?
Llama Trainer [7:05 PM] What do suggest by way of inclined to pay? Daily or betting
Awesome [7:05 PM] Books offer nine/1 for Koepka due to the fact human beings pay it’s miles what I mean
not because that’s the actual odds
Llama Trainer [7:05 PM] Translate that to df
DumpsterFire [7:05 PM] Do you operate greater randomness to your crunches in golfing than different sports activities?
FkCoolers [7:06 PM] I’m on a few names like Bryson, Oosthuizen, and Reed for truly egregious GPP stabs (edited)
Awesome [7:06 PM] A lot of human beings go off the Vegas odds to choose players but you have to be privy to the biases which might be constructed into it like preceding winners or people on hot streaks etc
Llama Trainer [7:06 PM] correct
So the profits some possession
a massive subject so it’s not by way of a good deal
Awesome [7:07 PM] no longer necessary because in Golf the variance is less when expressed as a % of general projection I think. Baseball I use better variance due to the fact the batter variance is so excessive, wherein basketball is the bottom
Llama Trainer [7:07 PM] ah Solid
DumpsterFire [7:07 PM] Makes sense
Llama Trainer [7:07 PM] Love that so you can evidently the curve flatten a bit for randomness. Little less randomness
Awesome [7:08 PM] yea with FC pro tonight I used forty% randomness with the regular feature
Llama Trainer [7:08 PM] approximately the same 35
Wiggy [7:08 PM] You fading everyone above $10K
Awesome [7:09 PM] I even have zero% Spieth but don’t tell Jason
Llama Trainer [7:09 PM] I word publicity hovers around a range is possession something which you mainly set a rule to

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