Meros off-gasoline cleaning systems provided by Primetals Technologies began up at Kardemir


In December 2018, a Meros off-fuel cleaning plant furnished by means of Primetals Technologies, Ltd. (London, U.K.; www.Primetals.Com) become started out up at sinter plant No. Three of Turkish steel producer Karabüok Demir Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Kardemir), followed through the Meros plants provided for Kardemir ́s sinter plants No. 1 early February and No. 2 in in early March. Each Meros plant is able to treat 400.000 Nm3/h of sinter off-gas, decreasing SOx by way of extra than ninety% in addition to delivering extraordinarily low dust emissions. All the three Meros vegetation are the use of sodium bicarbonate as desulphurization agent. The tasks were found out inside a completely quick time span. For instance, best ten and half of months had been required from the technical specification of the Meros plant mounted at sinter plant No. Three till start-up. With the new Meros flowers, air first-class inside the valley of Karabük is advanced significantly.

Kardemir operates an incorporated iron and metallic works in Karabük, inside the northern a part of Turkey. The production web page is located in a slender valley, close to the city of Safranbolu. Three sinter plant life are operated by way of Kardemir. Kardemir ́s Meros flowers constitute the fourth implementation of sodium bicarbonate desulphurization, following voestalpine Stahl in Austria, Masteel in China and JFE in Japan. Primetals Technologies become liable for the engineering, supply of key device like sodium bicarbonate dosing and milling, clear out heads, bags, cages, electrics and automation in addition to for advisory offerings for bloodless and warm commissioning.

In popular, Meros technique includes several modules for injecting and finely distributing adsorption and desulfurizing retailers, consisting of activated carbon and sodium bicarbonate, into the off-gasoline waft. This efficiently binds and gets rid of heavy metals, dangerous and unsafe organic additives, as well as sulfur dioxide and other acidic gases. The use of sodium bicarbonate to lessen the quantity of sulfur dioxide also eliminates the need for a conditioning reactor. The dirt particles are deposited in a particularly developed, energy-efficient bag clear out and is recycled returned into the waft of off-fuel to similarly optimize the performance and cost-effectiveness of the gas purification procedure. Any final unutilized additives are then once more in touch with the off-fuel, in order that they’re in the end almost absolutely utilized. There is also notably less discharged residue while sodium bicarbonate is used rather than slaked lime. The procedure automation system guarantees stable operation, even when there are sizable fluctuations in the volume and composition of the off-gas. Emission limits can therefore be located always. Thanks to the modular design of the Meros system, a tailored solution based on the environmental restrict can be provided, with viable upgrades of the gadget by way of next set up of required modules.