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The Property Brothers Reveal One Thing That Makes a Home Seem So Outdated

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“Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott visit tremendous lengths to keep up at the latest trends in home layout. That turns out to be both a blessing and a curse, because when they see something it’s manner out of date, it is difficult for them to preserve from recoiling.
Thankfully Canadian house owners James and Ada are true sports activities on the latest episode, titled “A Home for All within the Family.”
“I don’t have any taste—it’s why I want your assist,” says James with a laugh. He’s made a few awkward “upgrades” to the small home where he, Ada, and their younger daughters currently stay.

He’d like to get the house into top form for a quick sale, and discover a new home nearby with a basement condominium for his parents. With his father’s fitness failing, James and Ada would like that allows you to assist Mom take care of him.
So it’s the Scott brothers to the rescue. Jonathan tries to renovate their vintage house, which Drew estimates is well worth approximately $615,000 to $620,000 as is. He thinks he can do it on a price range of $60,000, after which they will be able to list it proper around $730,000.
Meanwhile, Drew attempts to find the family a domestic that’s turnkey, due to the fact James has proved he is no longer terrific with a hammer or a hoe—or yard renovation, for that depend. He and Ada need to spend approximately $750,000 for an appropriate area.
As the brothers race to fulfill all people’s desires, they arrive up with a few tremendous recommendations that can help us all buy, sell, or clean up our personal houses. Here’s what we learned this week.
Look for basements with outdoor get admission to
Unless you need to use your basement solely on your family and for storage, search for one with an outside door and home windows, advises Drew. That’s the only way you’ll be able to outfit it as an independent condo. No renter or member of the family desires to traipse thru the the front door and clomp down the stairs in front of the complete family with a purpose to get to their non-public region.
Get rid of glass-block home windows
Remember the ones glass-block home windows and walls that had been huge within the ’50s, and then got here again again within the ’80s? Well, they may be now not in all likelihood to make any other comeback each time soon. The first thing Jonathan and Drew be aware when they stroll into James and Ada’s residing room is that the the front wall is lined with glass-block home windows.
“There are too a lot of these windows,” Jonathan broadcasts when he steps through the door.
Sure, they let in a touch mild, but they make the house look

extremely dated both inside and out. The precise information is that it is clean to tear them out and replace them with double-paned glass so that you can clearly see out. Replacing them gives the home an immediate face-carry.

The Property Brothers Reveal One Thing That Makes a Home Seem So Outdated 1

Diagonal flooring also dates a home
Who knew that wooden planks laid diagonally are so the day past? Jonathan did.
“Out with dated diagonal flooring and in with superstraight planks!” he cries, and then he is going for it.
There is this type of thing as an excessive amount of mild
When Drew and Jonathan walk into the circle of relatives’s domestic, they appearance up and word that there’s nearly an entire sun gadget of recessed lighting within the ceiling. In a smaller room like this one, “you handiest want lighting within the 4 corners,” says Jonathan. Redoing the ceiling lights is one of the first things on his upkeep schedule.
Cul-de-sacs are cool for children
James and Ada presently live on a as a substitute busy street, so when Drew indicates them a house on a cul-de-sac, their eyes mild up.
“I love the truth that it’s on a useless-cease avenue, so it’s appropriate for the ladies,” says Drew. Many families revel in residing on a avenue wherein their kids can chase a ball (or each other) while not having to fear approximately racing into traffic.
Embrace the ‘fantry’
Drew comes up with a new term for a flowery pantry—it is the “fantry.” Who wouldn’t need one in their kitchen if there’s room? Well-organized with plenty of space, a fantry may be a large selling factor, in addition to a welcome addition in your own kitchen.

Do the ‘Property Brothers’ stars supply?
Jonathan manages to tug off a stunning maintenance for $58,000, it’s $2,000 beneath budget. Then Drew is capable of promote James and Ada’s house for complete asking charge, $730,000!
Meanwhile, Drew unearths the circle of relatives an appropriate domestic and negotiates for them to purchase it for handiest $695,000, which is $fifty five,000 underneath their budget. Everyone is ecstatic!
The undertaking also reasons Jonathan and Drew to contemplate: Whose basement could their mother and father move into while the time comes? They each agree that it might most likely be Drew’s, because he is married and will possibly provide them grandkids faster.

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