After 30 years, Warrens might also sell Cascade Inn to Experience Outdoors proprietor

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LAKE PLACID — After more significant than 30 years, The Cascade Inn should switch arms at the end of the summer season.
Joe Warren is letting Bill Walton function the motor hotel and eating place at 5023 Cascade Road on a rent-to-own foundation.
“Joe Warren has been a friend of mine for years,” Walton said in a smartphone interview. “We’ve always joked about me shopping for it someday, and we decided to pass for it finally.”
Warren stated he’s been saying that shaggy dog story to visitors for years, but Walton genuinely determined to take him up on it. He reported after three a long time he’d want to see “younger blood” take over the commercial enterprise.
“Billy is pretty much the age I was once I first bought it,” he stated.
Walton owns and operates the Experience Outdoors high ropes and zip line path up the street from the lodge.


After 30 years, Warrens might also sell Cascade Inn to Experience Outdoors proprietor 1
“The goal is to synergize the two businesses and probably create accommodations and live-and-play applications.”
Walton said he wants to rename the hotel Scott’s Cobble Lodge after the plot of land Experience Outdoors is placed, which became considered one of Lake Placid’s first ski mountains in 1938.
“It brings a number of the records into play,” he stated.
Walton said he desires to do some matters in a different way such as changing the call of the enterprise and boosting its advertising and marketing presence to growth occupancy, but he doesn’t want to clutter with what brings in lengthy-time clients.
“We’re going to perform a little painting and trade a few things with the bar,” he stated. “The food menu is going to stay the identical particularly for the locals. Joe has a truly precise local following so that the menu will live steak and seafood.”
Warren sold the property in 1988. He and his spouse, Colleen, additionally run the restaurant at Craig Wood Golf Course.
“My spouse and I got here from Long Island, and while we offered the resort, a lot of the neighborhood crowd stopped coming due to the fact we weren’t from around here,” he said. “It took us some time to build up that local consumers once more, however as soon as we did, they’ve been like family to us.
“We’ve got plenty of superb memories there,” he continued. “I could write a book, and I probably ought to. I recognize all the area people who’ve supported us over the 30 years, and I wish they keep that with Billy.”
Warren and his family’s domestic is at the property, so he’ll still be round and help out in a few potentials, he said.
“I’ll make paintings as lots as Billy needs me,” he said. “If he desires a cook dinner to fill in one night time, I’ll still be there to assist out.”

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