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[Pulse] Hey actual estate sellers and mortgage LOs, right here are 12 scripts with a view to get a lead’s interest

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Data now shows that texting your leads first and calling them best as a follow-up to the textual content is the exceptional manner to respond for your real estate and mortgage leads.
We aren’t the equal society we were three years ago. We’ve been skilled nicely with the aid of Amazon and Netflix. We want the whole thing to be handy and on-demand.
So while a lead comes in, text them! Ask if it’s a terrific time to speak, or if they favor to textual content. Then, handiest when you ship that text, supply them a name if they haven’t spoken back.
Don’t accept as true with me? That’s cool; I get it. But you need to truly take Agentology’s word for it. They’re the No. 1 real property lead reaction provider out there, running for Realtors and soon, for loan mortgage originators, too.
An anthology used to name leads first as a remember of protocol; however, over time, their statistics turned into pointing to a better option: texting first. When they looked at the lead reaction records they received and saw what become extra powerful at getting the result in reply, they switched approaches to texting first, and simplest calling as a comply with-up.
What to mention?
Below you’ll discover 12 special text message scripts that paintings extremely properly for actual estate sellers and mortgage officers.
Remember, you’re no longer trying to get them to fill out software or signal a Buyer Broker settlement right off the bat. Pump the brakes! All you’re looking to do is to get them to reply to you, to get a talk going.
Keep it quick, ask a query that’s easy to respond to, and begin a laid-back, helpful “textversation” with a capability new customer.
These text scripts will include paintings for some of the exceptional sorts of leads: ultra-modern leads, potentialities, and for all the ones “bloodless leads” which you allow fall via the cracks months in the past.
But first, here are a few regulations of thumb:
Personalize the text with their call while additionally introducing yourself. If you don’t introduce yourself, you run the chance of being a weirdo sending the equivalent of a random Facebook Poke. Or even worse, the constantly captivating “hello” text from an unknown number. Anonymous texting = no bueno, you creepy weirdo.
Keep it simple. Ask one clean-to-answer query and leave the door open for them to reply.
Be informal. Use an emoji or. Throw in a smiley. If you sound too stiff and right, it doesn’t feel actual, and sitting may simply ignore it.
If you don’t already have one, discover a CRM that has the capability to mass textual content a massive organization of contacts without delay. Seriously. Being able to ship mass texts through your CRM is the sort of splendid device, and there’s no excuse to not have that capability in 2019. (I endorse Wise Agent.)
Persist. If they don’t respond after 10 mins, ship a comply with-up “let me understand” textual content to remind them to reply. Sometimes, humans simply get too busy, or they’re inside the middle of some thing. This can function a mild reminder to reply.
12 textual content scripts to stay by
Use your imagination here with these, and don’t forget about a textual content due to the fact the example is written for an agent, and you’re a LO. In most cases, you may trade the message a smidge, and it’s going to nevertheless observe.
For new leads:
Hey, what’s up [FIRST NAME]? Thanks for asking for some info approximately our interest prices on our internet site. Have you ever sold a home before?
Hey [FIRST NAME], I see you had been finding out houses for sale in [AREA]. Are you best targeted on [AREA], or are you open to checking out different close by areas as nicely?
What’s up [FIRST NAME], how lengthy have you been making plans to shop for an area?
How’s it going, [FIRST NAME]? Thanks for trying to find homes on our internet site, [WEBSITE NAME]. Are you seeking out an actual domestic, or a townhouse or condo?
Hey [FIRST NAME], thanks for checking out our [WEBSITE/FB PAGE/WHATEVER]. Have you ever implemented for a home loan before?
For property-unique inquiries:
Hey [FIRST NAME]. Thanks for reaching out about [PROPERTY]. I honestly have an opening at [DATE & TIME] to reveal you the house. Will that gives you the results you want, or is yet again higher?
For possibilities:


[Pulse] Hey actual estate sellers and mortgage LOs, right here are 12 scripts with a view to get a lead's interest 1
[FIRST NAME], I just got here across four houses that fit what you’ve been seeking out. Do you have got some time to head take a look at them on [DATE]?”
Hey there [FIRST NAME], we are pretty much to list a couple of new homes at the MLS that may match what you’re looking for. Do you have got time the following day or Wednesday to take a glance before they hit the MLS?
Hey [FIRST NAME], I’m simply operating on your home valuation. Real brief, have you ever performed any transforming or enhancements to your home since you obtain it?
Old leads:
Hey [FIRST NAME], are you still looking for a domestic to shop for in [AREA]? – [YOUR NAME AND COMPANY]
Hey [FIRST NAME], are you again doing all your research on home loans, or have to procure a place already? – [YOUR NAME AND COMPANY]
Hey there [FIRST NAME], do you still want to sell your own home? I just have a customer searching out a similar domestic in your location.
How one textual content caused eight appointments
In last, I’ll go away you with a true story that would inspire you to get started on a texting marketing campaign.
Recently, I despatched an unmarried textual content to about 400 vintage leads that were sitting in my CRM. Some had been over a 12 months vintage, some just a few months vintage, but they were no longer being contacted often for something motive. They had been just siting there, unhappy and lonely.
So I sent a mass text asking if they had been nonetheless looking to buy a house. Of those approximately four hundred leads, seventy-three responded, 26 stated they still plan to purchase or promote at some point, and eight appointments were set.
I’ve already closed some of those deals that I brought back to boost with that one random textual content.

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