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Best Places to Live in New Jersey

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Whether you’re a young professional who is looking for a short commute or you’re searching for the ideal area to raise a family, you’re in luck. The Garden State has something to offer everyone, so continue reading to discover two of the best places to live in New Jersey.

Best Place to Raise a Family in NJ: Mountain Lakes NJ:

According to Great Schools, Mountain Lakes is an excellent choice for young families as its elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools boast ratings that range from 8-10 out of 10. As 93% of the residents in Mountain Lakes own their homes, the area attracts many families looking to settle down in a friendly, community-focused area.

New Jersey


The median house price in Mountain Lakes is expensive, around $729,063.


It only takes 44 minutes to travel from Mountain Lakes to the center of New York City. So if you work in New York, you’ll find that it’s convenient to commute to and from work daily. Several trains will take you to Midtown Manhattan in less than an hour.

Young Professionals:

Mountain Lakes attracts young professionals by offering a wide array of amenities such as cafes, restaurants, and bars. Examples include Classic Cafe, Sogo Hibachi Grill and Sushi Lounge, Il Michaelangelo, Barka Seafood Restaurant, and The Bar Method. Compared to the national average, the average age of a Mountain Lake resident is fairly young, at just 42.6.

Safety & Security:

Mountain Lakes is a very safe area to live in and has a crime index of 35. To put this figure into context, areas with higher crime indexes exceed 100. Violent crimes such as rape, assault, and murder are sporadic, while property-related crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle thefts are rare.

Best Places to Live in NJ for Young Professionals: Hoboken NJ

Hoboken is more suited to young professionals as it provides endless entertainment and nightlife options and is located right over the Hudson River from downtown Manhattan. This provides professionals a short commute to the City.

Cost of Living in Hoboken:

Hoboken’s cost is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as living in Manhattan or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The average price of a home in Hoboken is $669,700 and an average rent of $2,650.

Commute to NYC:

Whether you work in Downtown New York or want to make the most out of New York’s attractions, events, and activities, you’ll be pleased to discover that Hoboken is only a 19-minute drive from downtown New York and a 10-minute Path train to 4 stops in Manhattan.

Points of Interest in Hoboken

Due to its proximity to Downtown New York, Hoboken is a hot spot for young professionals looking to invest in their first property, especially as it boasts many cafes, restaurants, and bars. Some examples of which include the McDougal Ale House, Saigon Shack, and Cafe Clover. Hoboken also offers a bustling waterfront and a popular beach, Maxwell Place Beach.

Safety & Security:

Hoboken is a safer area than most and has a crime index of just 68. Remember, for an area to have a higher crime rate than most, and it must have a crime index rating of over 100. So if you’re looking to live in an urban area which you feel safe walking around at any time of day, you may want to consider a move to Hoboken.

So if you want to live in a safe area, which offers a short, manageable commute and offers a wide variety of amenities, it’s well worth considering moving to Hoboken if you’re a young professional or Mountain Lakes if you’re a parent.

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