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Critical Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

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Adding new windows at home is one of the greatest investments a homeowner can make. But, to make sure that windows are installed perfectly, you need the help of a window replacement company.

With several window contractors claiming themselves as the best, it is not easy to find a reliable professional. However, you need not worry. Below I have jotted a set of questions to ask the contractor to ascertain that he is ideal for your project.

Questions #1. What are your company’s full name and address?

You may think of it as an unnecessary question, but it’s crucial to know everything about the contractor you are working with. You can’t hire anyone to work for you. To determine that the details provided by the window installer are right, you can contact their referrals. Further, try hiring a company with an office nearby as the likelihood of better service and quicker response time is greater.

Question #2. Are you insured? 

A window replacement contractor should have comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in the case of a mishap. Professionals who carry insurance and follow all the safety guidelines are trustworthy. They may charge you more, but you will not have to face any trouble during the project. To verify the presence of insurance papers, ask the contractor to show you the certificates. In case the contractor denies showing the insurance, then he is not trustworthy. You better look for some other window professionals.

Question #3. Is your company licensed? 

Though the presence of the license does not decide the quality of service, the license indicates that the company has gone through proper training, and authorities have permitted them to provide the services. Also, a license signifies that the contractor is serious about his profession and believes in following all the norms set by the government for running a business.

Question #4. Can you provide references? 

A reputable contractor will have a list of references maintained and will happily provide it to you. All you have to do is get some time from your schedule and call a few of the contractor’s past clients. Ask them about their experience with the window installer and see if they recommend hiring him or not.

Question #5. From how long have you been working as a window replacement contractor? 

The answer to this question will help you in knowing about the experience of the contractor. More the experience, the better services you will get. An experienced contractor has gathered the right knowledge throughout his work and can complete your project efficiently.

Question #6. What is the estimated cost of my project? 

Never hire any professional contractor without inquiring about the estimated cost of the project. It is favorable to ask for a detailed breakdown of the cost of labor, materials, and other factors. This was you would be prevented from any future headache and surprise.

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