Don’t be floored: How to correctly clean hardwood planks

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Gleaming, well-stored hardwood flooring can carry a rich, placing look to a home. And in case you want to maintain that appearance, it’s essential to take unique care when it’s time to easy those flooring.

It’s not pretty much disposing of spills and caked-on filth. Doing this activity successfully can also help keep the timber underfoot — oak, maple, walnut, ash and other, more exotic, sorts — in good form for years to come.

Dry mops and waterless sprays

“Wood and water don’t mix,” said Jim Gourniak, president and owner of East Penn Hardwood Flooring in Allentown. “People used to talk approximately damp-mopping aground, but the trouble with this is that nobody simply is aware of what damp mopping is. If you’ve got ten human beings, they could do it ten distinctive approaches.”

Nick Ward, owner of Advanced Cleaning Solutions in Allentown, advocated using a pH-neutral cleanser for hardwood flooring, with the water as hot and the mop as dry as possible.

hardwood planks

Using a mop and pail at all includes a few chances of dumping numerous gallons of water onto the ground. Anything that soaks a timber floor can motive the planks to swell, split and heave — even though the threat of an critical spill is probably much more likely from a plumbing leak or a breakdown in a dishwasher or an ice-maker than from sloppy mopping.

In any case, the savvy owner of a house can probably eliminate using water altogether — higher alternatives are available today to do the process without water. Before drinks of any type are used on a hardwood ground, though, there is initial work that needs to be accomplished.

Begin via doing away with loose surface dust — tracked-in soil, crumbs, pet hair etc. A dirt mop does the activity just excellent, Gourniak stated.

Robynn Eckhart, office manager at Design Floors in Easton, said vacuum cleaners could be OK, too, “but you have to make sure your machine doesn’t have a beater bar.”

The bar, meant to improve overall performance while cleaning carpets, should mar a hardwood ground. Damage can also be because of high-speed rotary brushes or hard objects that is probably trapped beneath the vacuum purifier and could scrape or scratch the ground.

Figuring out the surface

Hardwood flooring of these days commonly encompasses surface finishes of some urethane coating, together with excessive-gloss, satin, ceramic-brought finishes.

“If the wood is sanded or stained on the web page, it generally gets two coats,” Eckhart stated, “and it is difficult to manipulate the dryness and temperature, depending on while it is hooked up.”

“With prefinished floors, you are probably getting seven coats, and the urethane is dried in a controlled situation.”

Either way, a hardwood ground with urethane end can normally be wiped clean without water.

“There are various spray-on cleaners to be had,” Gourniak stated. “By simply misting the ground and then wiping it up, you don’t run the threat of overwetting the ground.”

Even with urethane finishes, it is wise to clean up any spills as soon as viable once they manifest.

Hardwood floors mounted earlier than 1970 have been regularly sealed with wax, shellac, or varnish. The American Hardwood Information Center, an enterprise group, managed by the Hardwood Manufacturers’ Association, says those finishes penetrate the timber in place of just coating it.

To become aware of the sort of end your ground has, the centre shows those tests:

If you experience the grain when you run your hand over the timber, that likely identifies a penetrating end topped with wax.

Drip touch water on the ground in an out-of-the manner region. It must bead up on an intact ground finish. If it soaks in or leaves a darker spot, the wood is unfinished, or any protective layer has worn off.

White spots forming after 10 mins or so below sprinkled drops of water pick out a floor sealed with wax. You can eliminate the spots with great steel wool gently moistened with water — rub very lightly.

To locate varnish or shellac, scratch the floor gently in a touch-used nook. Floors sealed with this type of older strategies will flake barely.

If you need to tone up your flooring however aren’t positive about how they’re finished — or approximately the nice techniques to use — your wisest pass may be to seek advice from a floors professional. It’s essential, as an example, never to use wax to ground with a urethane end. The centre additionally shows the usage of drapes or blinds to protect floors from daylight, shifting place carpets to assist maintain an excellent look of the ground, and warding off sharp changes in temperature and humidity.

A recipe for cleansing softwood flooring

Floors product of softwoods which includes pine and spruce may be determined in many Lehigh Valley homes, especially older ones. Like hardwood floors, they’ll need occasional cleansing, and doing it properly can help preserve them. Here are some guidelines from eHow:

Use a dust mop to comb up every few days. Accumulated grit and dust can scratch the floor or work its way into seams between forums.
For occasional wet mopping, put together your cleaning answer of a half of cup of white vinegar with a gallon of heat water. Vinegar, eHow says, is safe for either completed or unfinished flooring. It disinfects and deodorizes the floors.

Wring out the mop as dry as feasible earlier than you operate it.

Mop the ground with lengthy, regular strokes, following the panels of the timber.
Go over the floor with an easy, dry mop to gather any remaining moisture and save you unnecessary absorption.

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