Jazz Outdoors on the Lawn at Santa Clara University Makes a Comeback


Jazz aficionados from campus and the network lounged on the garden in front of the Louis B. Mayer Theatre at Santa Clara University (SCU) at the nighttime of June 1, being attentive to mellow jazz done on an outdoor level.
The jazz fans sat on folding metallic chairs by using the stage or garden chairs from domestic. They reclined on blankets on the sloped lawn or plopped down beneath a tree. The BBQ food for purchase bought out.
The lovers were given manner extra than their money’s really worth at the unfastened, nearly -hour live performance, the first outside jazz concert at SCU in 10 years. Three jazz combinations, soloists and a big band near-out gave their interpretation of tune through renown jazz artists consisting of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and Lester Young.
“It’s a number of fun, with students overlaying a big selection of song from vintage swing to modern pop rock, using jazz language,” said Dr. Josh D. Reed, Director of Jazz Studies.
Since 2017, Reed doubled the dimensions of the jazz combos at SCU to approximately 30 musicians.
“They labored so hard doing their homework as musicians,” said Reed. “Playing different patterns, they’re capable to reveal off what they’ve labored on.”
Saxophone participant Ben Jones, a junior from Boston, become anticipating his flip to go on the degree and play his vintage sax.
“This is a fruit of a yr’s work for us,” stated Jones. “It nice to have [the concert] out of doors and display off paintings we’ve been doing with Josh all year. It’s appropriate to have such a lot of humans pop out and help it.” One attendance estimate becomes approximately 200.
Soloist Taylor Yamane, a junior from Washington kingdom, changed into waiting to sing.
“I love singing with the combos,” said Yamane. “They’re the most creative and musical and amusing human beings. They make me sing better.”

It turned into written off as a dead enterprise, mainly with the loss of life of tobacco advertising. It has been known as a blight in the American landscape. It even earned the nickname “pollution on a stick.” But matters have modified with outdoor advertising and we are no longer talking about your father’s billboards.
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A Mobile Society
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