Self-Painting Bob Ross Mug Reveals a Hidden “Happy Painting” As It Heats Up


Painter and popular culture icon Bob Ross believed that “there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one folks.” Through The Joy of Painting, an instructional portray program, Ross made it his challenge to acquaint amateur and aspiring artists with their internal creatives. Seemingly stimulated by this concept, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild has crafted a quirky Bob Ross mug that famous its very own mystery wonder—no paintbrush required.
This clever coloration-converting mug captures Ross’ potential to convert a clean canvas into a beautiful masterpiece. When empty, the ceramic cup is decorated with simplest a portrait of Ross set towards a stark black backdrop. Fill it with a heat drink, however, and watch the magic appear as a lovely panorama portray appears right before your eyes.
Like any heat activated mug, this fun product is best for those who love quirky coffee cups. However, it’s far the concern that makes it especially unique. During the 11-12 months run of The Joy of Painting, Ross proved that, with a touch positivity, every body can pick out up a paintbrush and emerge as an artist. By famously framing errors as “satisfied injuries” and reassuring visitors that “all you want to color is a few gear, a bit instruction, and a vision in your thoughts,” Ross transformed an intimidating technique into an inspiring journey.

Though Ross unluckily surpassed away in 1995, his legacy lives on. In addition to binge-looking The Joy of Painting on YouTube and browsing thru step-via-step portray commands in Painting with Bob Ross, you may now even comprise Ross’ effective electricity into your morning recurring, turning a everyday cup of coffee into a reminder to “do something every day so as to make you glad.”
You can now locate this Bob Ross warmth-activated mug inside the My Modern Met Store.