Bedroom Sets: A Simple Way To Increase Rental Property Appeal

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You know how important furnishings are to staging a home and appealing to potential renters if you rent a property. Over time, all furniture can begin to look worn. This, in turn, can give the impression of uncleanliness, no matter how clean you keep the furniture in your rental. In the bedroom, especially where people are hyper-aware of hygiene, keeping your furnishings updated can be a determining factor in how much interest your property generates.

Bedroom Sets

The simplest way to guarantee a clean, unblemished appearance is to replace your older or unmatched bedroom furniture with complete bedroom sets. While this does involve a level of investment, there are hundreds of furniture sets for bedroom and suite layouts available online that match affordability with value.

Identifying the best sets for your spaces, however, involves some work. Perhaps the most important element in selecting a bedroom set is size. Too often, people assume the appeal of a bedroom is the size of the bed. In fact, a bed frame that overwhelms or crowds a bedroom makes the entire room feel and appear smaller. Rather than assuming bigger must be better, focus on matching the size of each bedroom with an appropriately sized bed. A general rule of thumb is that a bed should take up no more than a quarter of the total square footage of a room. Remember that the bed is not the only piece of furniture in the space.

Consider the entire space of the room when making these determinations. If your rooms are smaller, but you still want to offer the appeal of larger beds, there are many opportunities to introduce creativity into the room design. For instance, an unorthodox arrangement, such as corner placement, might turn into a selling point with the added charm of a wall-mounted reading lamp overhead. Bed sets are increasingly multifunctional, a fantastic approach to smaller spaces where combined functionality reduces the number of pieces required to furnish a room. Lofts over home offices are increasingly common, as are bedframes with built-in storage or bookcases. One way of increasing the number of available people a room can sleep with without losing floor space is to bring in a trundle or bunk bed instead.

Once you have accounted for size and room spacing, consider style. Less is more in a staged home, but visually, a cohesive room will hold greater appeal than a sparse or mismatched one. Sets are a great approach to ensure each bedroom holds together. They also open up opportunities to find great deals on sales since the style of your furniture can and should vary from room to room. Giving people options encourages them to reimagine the rooms of your property as their own. So, leave the detailed style to the renter’s imagination, but encourage it with well-portioned and unified rooms.

However, even attractively styled, multifunctional bedroom sets can lose appeal if the arrangement of a room prevents them from being utilized to their fullest extent. A smart approach is to plan each set element to get a more realistic sense of its utility.

Last, but far from least, is the décor. To create an effective atmosphere in a bedroom, you need to account for lighting and color, such as carpeting or wall paint. Ensuring that the existing features of a room do not clash with your new bedroom set gives you the freedom to introduce almost any focal point. Why should you bother? Isn’t a blank canvas most appealing? In fact, no. Encouraging potential renters to see themselves in space involves making that space seem real. A single statement piece in a room catches attention. It provides a center for the room and its décor to revolve around, adding to the sense of a cohesive whole and preventing any single piece of furniture from standing out or appearing out of place.

With these simple guidelines in mind, you can easily increase the value of your property and appeal—and by extension!

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