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Benefits of Iron doors Over Wooden Doors

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If you seek to renovate your current front door, you may have difficulty deciding whether to go for the wooden or the iron door. Keep in mind the front door is not like any other door in the house. It determines your home’s security and aesthetic status.

Wooden Doors

While both wooden and iron doors have pros and cons, the iron door comes with added benefits not offered by wooden doors. Contact reputable brands, such as Phoenix Iron Doors, to get more information. Meanwhile, read on to discover the benefits of iron doors over wooden doors.

Minimal Care and Maintenance

Wooden doors are delicate and thus require regular care and maintenance. With time, wood tends to absorb moisture, swell and rot, no matter how well you treat it. Consequently, you will have to replace the door every few years, making it an expensive decision in the long run.

In contrast, iron doors require minimal maintenance, as iron does not rot, swell or split like wood. Besides, iron is more resistant to corrosion than any other metal, making it more durable in all weather conditions.

That said, the most common concern with iron is the occasional dents and scratches. However, even these are quite rare and only happen on severe impact.

Energy Efficient

Iron doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. When they were first constructed, iron doors were meant to keep homes cools in the summer and warm during winter.

Even better, modern iron doors come with foam insulation, which helps prevent heat loss while simultaneously locking in the existing warmth. That helps save the energy required to power your thermostat so it can maintain the preferred temperatures.

Aesthetic Nature

There is no denying that wooden doors add a unique appeal to your home. However, nothing beats the style and luxury of having a phoenix iron door. Since their use during ancient times, the hand-forged intricacies and scrollwork on most iron doors make them a symbol of wealth and status. Even today, iron doors bring with them a status unmatched by neighbors.

More Secure

Iron doors do not just look good but also offer added security against intruders. Like in ancient times, iron doors keep away intruders and protect the home occupants and contents.

Perhaps, the best thing is that iron doors work with virtually any locking mechanism, making it difficult for thieves to access your home authorized. Additionally, it is almost impossible to kick down an iron door.

Boost Property Value

If you wish to sell your home, then you should replace the wooden doors with iron ones. That is because your property’s value is influenced by the quality of finishes used, including doors.

Iron doors are expensive and give your house an appeal and status that other door types cannot offer. Besides, iron doors help secure your property, further boosting its value.


While iron doors have a high initial cost, they come with many benefits that make them cost-effective in the long run. These benefits include minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, and added security. Besides, iron doors are beautiful and give your home a status unmatched by other door types.

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