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Flooring is one of the important features forming the structure of any nicely designed home or construction. As a result, selecting a floor is a taxing chore, given the nearly limitless supply of different options for floors. Wood floors have long been the top choice because of their beauty and herbal appearance. Lately, laminate floors have made inroads in lots of Kenyan houses, largely because of their genuine look so close to the wooden floors, but with more practical benefits.
Mr. Isaac Maikweki, an income executive at Floor Décor Kenya, an agency dealing in laminate flooring, supplied a few perceptions of what laminate flooring is and why many Kenyans seem to favor it.
“Laminate floors are made of fibreboard and timber particles compressed collectively, then laminated.
Lamination is the clean end on the multilayer compressed product,” says Mr. Maikweki.
Installation of laminate flooring is a reasonably secure method, and given the proper get entry to; owners can do it for themselves.

Get it proper with laminate flooring 1
“The first step is making sure that your floor is a stage to keep away from the squeaking of the flooring later,” advises Mr. Maikweki.
He continues, “Before installing laminates, one should lay an underlay whose cause is to save you moisture from underneath from accomplishing and unfavorable the laminates. It additionally serves as padding that offers comfort to the ones the use of it.”
A common mistake made at some stage in its installation is a failure to allow room for enlargement of the forums in the course of high temperatures. Since the boards have no room for expansion, they warp upwards, destroying the floors, explains the income govt. Poor installation may additionally bring about the warping of the floors. If you aren’t assured to follow the steps, Mr. Maikweki advises engaging professionals.
Laminate flooring has been inside the Kenyan marketplace for a long time; however, it has been gaining popularity lately.
People are looking for pocket-friendly merchandise that could serve them for a long period.
“Laminate floorboards are available at different levels of exceptional, and the distinction in pleasant level determines its fee. On common, the floorboards variety from Sh2,650-Sh3,650 per square meter,” notes Mr. Maikweki, including that this is greater cheap than natural wooden forums, which variety from Sh8,500-Sh10,500 consistent with a rectangular meter.
Mr. Maikweki further notes that it’s cheap to install laminate floors, with prices as little as Sh200 in keeping with a rectangular meter and Sh500 consistent with a square meter if put in a staircase.
Not best is laminate flooring cheap; it is also durable. It gives a guarantee of about 20 years of the provider in opposition to scratching and sporting off.
Laminate floorboards of better quality can last up to fifty years of use.
“Maintenance of laminate floors is pretty simple. For cleaning, all one desires is to mop the floor the usage of a semi-wet mop,” says Mr. Maikweki.
He emphasizes that the floor ought to be now not exposed to large quantities of water, or the floorboards will buckle or warp. “Laminate flooring is water-resistant but not water-resistant.
“The truth that laminate floors are straightforward to easy and keep makes it hygienic as compared to other flooring material,” opines Mr. Maikweki, including that the laminate forums are made of additives containing antibacterial merchandise.
Laminate flooring also is hotter than tiles or natural wooden floors, and for that reason, they offer greater comfort.
Also, the reality is that laminate boards are not fully crafted from timber; they’re considered extra surroundings-pleasant merchandise compared to pure or engineered timber.
While laminate flooring makes are terrific funding, Mr. Maikweki quickly provides a phrase of warning to Kenyans who would love to purchase laminate floorboards.
“The marketplace is flooded with laminates because producers have begun to notice the interest Kenyans have in it, and lots of them need to make as plenty make the most of it as they can,” says Mr. Maikweki.
“Because of this greed, there are numerous counterfeits inside the market that come at a deficient charge.
Anyone searching out laminate flooring need to be careful to make sure that they’re buying proper merchandise that will give them the cost they want,” he advised.

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