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‘MahaGathbandhan’ or ‘Single Party’? Diversification or concentration?

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Kalpesh Ashar
It’s election time and the phrases ‘MahaGathbandhan’ or ‘Single Party’ are heard and debated anywhere. Everyone seems to have a robust view on pros and cons of a methodology that appears to be useful to them in the political context. Relax, before you get excited to read any political undertones in this text, allow me let you know that this isn’t the subject we will be discussing or debating right here.
What’s unexpected is when those words are used as an analogy inside the context of investment behaviour highlighting the deserves of diversification (MahaGathbandhan – Alliance of various parties) vis-à-vis deserves of attention (Single Party) in an funding portfolio, they do generally tend to throw plenty of thrilling records which convey quite a few substance.

Reams of print had been committed at the virtues of diversification in an investment portfolio. This has been the maximum normally used and customary procedure. Various financial merchandise are brought together and each of them have their personal features. It isn’t always essential that every one is a certain shot alpha generator with high chance or a cozy product with low chance. It is the approaching collectively of these kinds of products in varied proportions that we term as diversification from the attitude of a financially savvy character or an evolved investor.

What is more exciting, and interesting is while we discover this issue from the alternative end of the spectrum i.E. From the point of view of a layman or an uninformed investor (unfortunately this elegance of buyers shape a ‘majority’).
For them diversification has a different which means. Their portfolio could have a mix of actual estate, gold and large unutilized sums of their financial institution savings account. They strongly agree with that there’s confident growth handiest in actual estate, gold is their constant profits element and the balance within the savings bank account is their expense-cum-emergency fund.
There is not any hint of equity investments (for them, the stock marketplace is all about speculation, mutual budget are risky products and so on) and in debt investments they will at most have a public provident fund (PPF) and a small amount in financial institution constant deposit.
For the ‘Single Party’ believer, there’s usually a bias toward a selected asset class and their so referred to as ‘evolvement and diversification’ takes place in that one asset elegance itself. They may have investments best in real estate and proudly proclaim that they may be varied across residential, assets, industrial property and plots. The identical applies to the investor’s eternal love of the ‘yellow metallic in which the conserving is to start with in jewellery, bars, cash and once they ‘evolve’ they start investing in Gold ETFs!
The third and the most prolific one is the ‘Insurance cum Investment portfolio Diversification’ where the coverage coverage holders who consider they may be ‘Investors’ have traditional endowment rules, entire existence rules, cash lower back guidelines and ULIPs of their portfolio. The best policy lacking of their portfolio is a pure term plan (who desires it anyhow!).
This is where the dichotomy steps in and the complex economic behavior of an investor surfaces.‘MahaGathbandhan’ or ‘Single Party’? Diversification or concentration? 1
The ‘Single Party’ (unmarried asset elegance investor) has unknowingly (or must we say knowingly?) additionally created a ‘Mahagathbandhan’ portfolio inside itself. There is really a dash of diversification, however in their favored asset class itself. For them the virtues and colossal advantages of proper portfolio diversification / asset allocation with economic belongings and more importantly connected to financial goals aren’t glaring at all.
This sort of investment bias emanates from their firmly entrenched family belief systems or their 1/2 – baked bitter reports with the financial property in advance. Ignorance to recognize those monetary assets is also a main bad issue.
Moving directly to the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type ‘financially savvy traders’ who trust within the idea of diversification also err of their idea method. Many grow to be allocating a better percent of a particular asset closer to their favored category or toward the taste of the season products. Their investments aren’t related to their financial desires and the concept of rebalancing the portfolio at the proper time are the two critical missing elements seen right here.
This ironical but sensible funding behavior is visible and skilled by means of us all of the time and I am now not advocating which approach is correct. To sum it up, all I can say is that once we err as individuals in our monetary behavior our private funding profile suffers.

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