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Perth is Western Australia’s largest city, and many agree it is also its best. Additionally, it is so isolated from the rest of the nation—the majority of which is on the opposite side of the continent—making it rich in supplies. Perth is a great place to live because it has almost all the amenities a resident could need.

But moving to another state can be a time-consuming process that requires patience and preparation, from packing up goods and locating a place to live to weighing moving options and meeting new acquaintances. We can assist you if you have questions about moving from Melbourne to Perth, and here are some tips for a quick and easy move.

Moving and Shaking: How to Minimize Anxiety During a Move | MYMOVE

Conduct thorough research

Lack of knowledge is the biggest hindrance. It would be a fantastic idea to become familiar with the place you’re relocating to before your major move. Drive around the new neighborhood for a while to get a feel for the region, and you will see all you need to see, from where the shops are to where the best restaurants, leisure areas, and schools are.

Ask the locals questions and hear some fascinating information about the place from them. It wouldn’t take long for a sense of familiarity to develop, which would be helpful when you eventually move.

Budget for your move

While relocating to Perth is thrilling, budgeting is a little less exciting. The most crucial part is to know how much moving to Perth will cost, whether you hire a removalist or do it yourself with a rental vehicle.

Don’t forget to factor in all the extra expenses you’ll have to add to your overall budget when creating your budget. A few of these include

  • Costs of travel and storage
  • Supply for packaging
  • Packaging services
  • Insurance that provides liability protection

Consider moving with less if you need to reduce your expenses. Generally speaking, the cost of your relocation will increase as the number of belongings you need to move increases. A solid method to cut your overall spending and make your interstate relocation more cost-effective is to donate, sell, and responsibly dispose of the things you no longer desire or need.

Start packing early

Regarding packing for your relocation, there is no time to waste because you can’t just rush back and forth to get your belongings from point A to point B. On the day of your move, you’ll need to ensure everything is packed and prepared to depart.

By starting early, you’ll have enough time to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to take with you and what you should dispose of. Moving out of state is a huge deal, so there’s no need to bring things that would clutter up your new home.

Make sure your children or dogs have their necessities bags if you are moving with them. Include all the items you know you’ll need quick access to during and right after your relocation in an essentials bag that you pack. The items in your essentials bag should include crucial papers, prescription drugs, chargers, basic toiletries, and a few extra sets of clothes.

Get your utilities set up.

While it’s usually possible to relocate utilities from one house to another, interstate moves can make it more difficult. Since many utility companies are region-specific, the one you use for electricity, gas, water, etc., may not even be available in the state you’re moving to. Before moving day, you should take the necessary procedures to cancel your current utilities and set up your new ones.

Please inform the Post Office.

Inform the post office of your relocation so your mail is forwarded as soon as you arrive. You’ll need to inform a few other parties, like your bank, credit card company, loan providers, insurance providers, etc., about your new address. Don’t forget to inform your neighbors, friends, and family.

Look for a reputable moving company.

A moving company makes your relocation less of a hassle as the movers handle the heavy work. But finding a reliable Melbourne to Perth removalist may not be easy because there are so many to choose from. Thankfully, checking internet reviews or getting suggestions from friends might be helpful ways to make a decision. Make sure they have a license from the Department of Transportation.

You can look into many interstate movers until you find one that meets your requirements. Next, contact them to survey to find out if they offer the moving services you need and ask for a quote. You’re on the right track if the section is within your budget.


It’s time to finally get on the road now that everything is in place (or the sky). If you’re driving, properly assess the weather and map your entire route beforehand to understand what to anticipate. Consider taking breaks for things like food and relaxation.

Update your driver’s license

If you plan to stay in Western Australia for over three months, you must switch to a local license. We strongly advise solving this problem immediately after moving to avoid inconveniences.

Final words

Interstate movements demand much more meticulous planning than local ones. You’ll need to plan everything from what to pack to how to move your stuff. You can minimize the hassle by hiring a removalist to take care of your big move.

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