The Legacy of Dan Robbins, the Man Who Taught Us to Paint via Numbers

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Though income of paint-via-number portray kits peaked in the Nineteen Fifties, the majority have encountered examples of this early trend in DIY — possibly at a backyard sale, or in domestic presentations assembled via those with an abiding love of kitsch. Devotees of the now noticeably collectible genre will recognize the name Dan Robbins and mark with unhappiness the passing of this inventor, who got here up with the concept of paint-through-wide variety while operating as a bundle designer for the Palmer Paint Co. In Detroit in the 1940s.
Robbins surpassed away on April 1, at the age of 93, in Sylvania, Ohio, and is mourned through his surviving own family, consisting of wife, Estelle; sons Michael and Larry; and numerous grandchildren and top notch-grandchildren, inclusive of his granddaughter, Ann Arbor writer and editor Sarah Robbins.
“Since high school, he constantly had a non-public painting practice,” stated Robbins, in a smartphone interview with Hyperallergic. “Most of the stuff that we’ve from him, striking on our partitions at domestic, are not paint-via-numbers. He became continually experimenting. As we’ve reached out to family over the past week or so, one factor that’s virtually shone thru that considered one of his existence’s excellent delights was sitting down with youngsters and coaching them how to draw — it changed into like a party trick. After dessert became served and we were sitting around the desk, he changed into supporting youngsters learn how to draw Mickey Mouse on napkins.”
Robbins’s paint-by using-range kits, which have been conceived as a way to sell Palmer Paint Co. Paint units to a broader target audience, have been developed along with the agency’s owner, Max Klein, and went on sell tens of millions. Robbins turned into tasked with finding a way to marketplace the paint kits to adults and located notion for his blockbuster invention in an amazing factoid about the work of Leonardo da Vinci.
“I remembered hearing that Leonardo used numbered historical past styles for his college students and apprentices, and I decided to strive something like that,” Robbins stated, throughout a 2004 gallery communicate at Intuit in Chicago. According to Sarah Robbins, the procedure continually started with the photograph itself.
“They employed artists,” she stated, “and in fact, they hired a person quite early on who changed into a much more done high-quality artist — and they’d first sit down and paint an image that they desired to peer.” Once the composition became hooked up, they would paint a version of the picture using those paints, after which lay transparency atop the portrays, to generate the shapes that would dictate the shade fields to be stuffed in using customers.

The Legacy of Dan Robbins, the Man Who Taught Us to Paint via Numbers 1

There became an early-2000s resurgence of interest in paint-by-range artwork, following the loss of life of Max Klein in 1993, and then his daughter, Jacquelyn Schiffman, donated the Palmer Paint Co. Information to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History provided a paint-by using-quantity exhibition in 2001, transferring critical conception of the painting fad from déclassé kitsch to a legitimately exciting and eminently collectible form of popular Americana. In step with the exhibition, Robbins authored an e-book. Whatever Happened to Paint-By-Numbers?: A Humorous Personal Account of What it Took to Make Anyone an ‘Artist,’ however, it was transparent that he had a humble and balanced view of the inventive importance of his pleasant-regarded invention. As reported with the aid of BBC News, Robbins turned into asked in 2013 if paint-by-numbers counted as artwork, and his response turned into unambiguous.
“No, it’s most effective the enjoy of selecting up a broom,” he’s quoted as announcing. The intention, he brought, become to recreate what a real artist goes thru. But many a “real artist” by no means lived to peer his work so enormously appeared by using public and establishments alike, not to mention dispensed and proudly displayed in tens of millions of US families. At its top, in 1955, the Palmer Paint Co. Offered a few 20 million paint-by-range kits — which protected a pre-revealed canvas and numbered paint sets, permitting users to apply their touches to photographs providing landscapes, horses, and kittens, amongst other famous subjects. By 1957, the marketplace became saturated with imitators looking to get in on the trend, and the market went bust inside the Sixties, but now not before Robbins’s colorful and approachable creations became a ubiquitous a part of the hobbyist artwork panorama.
Sarah Robbins is brief to verify humility as one of her grandfather’s fundamental features, whether in phrases of his very own art or his existence.
“He becomes a very humble character—I wonder plenty what he could think about all this,” she laughed. “Because he truely had a completely modest life. When I consider the instant that we’re in, with technology and the immediacy of the whole lot, the memories that humans have of spending hours working on those—I experience so lucky that my grandfather become capable of have a few revels in of hearing from those people, and what that revel in of art brought to their lives.”

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