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Bed room interior notable tips

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A bedroom is one place in your home that is more like your private sanctuary, the extension of your personality and personal choice.

It is one place that brings about a lot of calm and peace as you rest and relax in this particular space in your home.

As a best interior designers in Bangalore, when creating a bedroom, it is essential that you keep in mind certain factors such as comfort, ease of moving around and adding a personal touch.

Bedroom should express your feelings, the colours of your choice and accessories that you can relate to.

Here are some of the rules to decorating a bedroom that a top interior designers in Bangalore can bring about considerable amount of warmth and give you a sense of relaxation.

The first and the foremost step for interior designers in Bangalore is to always choose colours that a soothing and subtle.  Colour that are too bright and overpowering may bring about desired effect. Choose colours that are in the hues of lavender, blues or even green that is light and gentle.

This further helps to bringing a lot of light and dimension to the given space.  Whatever is your favourite colour, it is ideal to choose a toned down version of it. By this we mean, you can go for a subtle shade of purple instead of a bright tangerine.

Ceiling is one of the neglected parts of the room. When you are in the sleeping position, you do tend to shift your attention to the ceiling. Try to create some interesting yet subtle pattern for a more attractive ceiling.  Important tip here is to paint the ceiling in a lighter shade of the colour of bedroom.

You could also go for stencil wall art, use of decorative paint, relief work oran interesting light arrangement that hangs down.

You could also create some interesting architectural elements by moulding or creating a beam.

Keep your bedroom simple and cosy yet sophisticated. Invest in some great looking bed linen that can be changed on a regular basis.  Bedding solutions are a great way to add interesting colours and character to your bedroom.

Another interesting tip is not to clutter your bedroom too much with a lot of furniture.  You can go for wall mounted dressing that offers some space for the beds.

Go for wardrobes that are of the ceiling length and take care of all your storage needs.

Bedside tables, a chair in a cozy corner if space permits and some planters here and there can help create a complete and intimate bedroom look that is close to your style.

If you have a bedroom which is fairly spacious then you could go for a trunk or storage unit at the end of your bed. It can be used to put in all your extra blankets bed sheets and pillows.

If you’re someone who loves reading then a simple wall unit with some books stacked up will enhance the look greatly.

Managing your closet   will help greatly to organise your room and DE clutter it.

A bedroom is your personal space. With these notable tips you are sure to create a space that is your comfort zone.

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