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Sonoma County zoning board approves first huge-scale pot farm out of doors Petaluma

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A massive cannabis-growing farm deliberate for west Petaluma were given the green light Thursday night from Sonoma County zoning officers.
Despite full of life competition from buddies, Petaluma Hills Farm’s idea to domesticate one acre of marijuana on rural assets at 334 Purvine Road that was once a chook ranch became unanimously permitted by using the county Board of Zoning Adjustments.
It’s the first large hashish operation county officials have accepted because they started out taking packages years ago for such pot operations. The one-acre tract unique for the hashish farm — the biggest allowed by using the county — sits on 37-acre belonging with different agriculture operations and a single-family home.


Opponents of the pot farm say it’s going to purpose a sturdy smell in a rural community of Petaluma, and will deliver crime and protection concerns. Despite the zoning board’s approval, the struggle is not over yet. Opponents have 10 days to enchantment the board’s decision, which would pressure the county supervisors to make the very last ruling on the suggestion.
“I desire they keep in mind that thru this selection the county has spoken and we are properly operators,” said Sam Magruder, one of the owners of Petaluma Hills Farm and leader running officer of the cannabis enterprise. “We’re satisfied to look a unanimous vote. I think that’s a terrific bellwether for the cannabis enterprise in Sonoma County.”
Supporters of the pot-growing operation say the location already is domestic to other ag businesses, with dairy and duck farms that produce sturdy odors. During a six-hour zoning board meeting Thursday night that at instances become contentious, they confirmed the board a letter written by Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick commending the farm’s safety plan.
“I should admit that I turned into inspired with the amount of deliberate making plans and attention to element that Mr. Magruder had put into his operational security plan,” Essick wrote. “I take into account that for some, cannabis operations in Sonoma County continues to elevate local opposition, however after reviewing Petaluma Hills Farm protection plan, I do now not have any objections to their inspiration from a security/public protection point of view.”
Since the west Petaluma cannabis farm changed into first proposed 22 months ago, it has confronted chronic competition from friends and cannabis opponents across the county, who formed the organization “No Pot on Purvine.” The organization has sued the farm’s operators in an try to stop their deliberate large developing operation.
Autumn Condit, who lives on Purvine Road near the farm, said elevated visitors had disrupted her own family’s lives.
“The last year has been absolute hell,” she stated.
Britt Jensen, who lives after the farm, objected to the hashish enterprise in a residential region.
“I’m not towards cannabis, but I have to say in my heart I sense it’s wrong that the ordinance has allowed an industrial hashish property after my residence,” she stated.
Not all people who live near the pot farm opposes it. Helena Martin, who lives on Spring Hill Road in which it intersects with Purvine, said she frequently sees illegal drug dealers in the area who create a much extra protection chance than a felony hashish farm might.
“As ways as odor, … People don’t picnic on Purvine Road because between the duck farm and the cows, there’s quite a few smells,” she stated.
Outside of warehouses, the county limits marijuana farms to at least one acre.
Currently, county officers have authorized out of doors cannabis cultivation on approximately 20 acres in overall. A little greater than 15 acres is land in which marijuana farmers had been given transient permission to operate through a program referred to as “penalty alleviation,” created to inspire present growers to legitimize their operations.
The remaining five acres are occupied using 26 small pot farms, every no larger than 10,000 square ft. Each was given approval thru the county’s agricultural department in a simpler process that did not require a public listening to, said Tim Ricard, the county’s cannabis software manager.

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