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Comparison check: Maruti Suzuki WagonR vs Hyundai Santro vs Tata Tiago vs Datsun GO

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There’s been a sharp upward thrust in the quantity of SUVs getting launched inside the country during the last few years, but that has not taken away the reality that small automobiles nonetheless bring a whole lot-wanted volumes to mainstream producers. And after what I’d name a piece of a lull, the small automobile segment is back in motion, and how! Hyundai introduced the Santro nameplate lower back currently – the hatch that made it a household name, and the Hyundai Santro even gained our ultimate contrast test wherein we compared its AMT-prepared model to its opponents. But now with the all-new Maruti Suzuki WagonR having just been released we felt the need to revisit the scoresheets, this time with the vehicles’ manual versions. We decided to throw the lately updated Datsun GO into the combination too aside from the new, function-rich XZ+ version of the Tata Tiago. Let the battles start!

Comparison check: Maruti Suzuki WagonR vs Hyundai Santro vs Tata Tiago vs Datsun GO 1

Styling and construct excellent
The WagonR has been around for over a decade and has constantly adhered to the ‘tall boy’ layout, just like the Hyundai Santro. These are the oldest names here considering that the Tiago and GO are each tremendously new although satirically, the Santro and WagonR are the most recent automobiles on this test! That said, the Tata Tiago remains the pleasant searching vehicle right here. It’s low slung stance and brief overhangs make for a sporty look in conjunction with the blacked out headlights (best vehicle with projector beams on this check), sharp design of the rear view mirrors and coffee typical top. The GO is a greater conventional layout and the facelift it acquired recently allows it appearance slightly higher, mainly from the front, however universal the car isn’t mainly placing to examine.

The Santro alternatively has a barely quirky looking face, nearly as though it’s far grinning huge and baring its full set of enamel! It does look attractive although – in particular from the sides. Its rear half also reminds of the old Santro, a design that has elderly nicely. The WagonR’s layout is extra of an evolution of what its styling has constantly been, which makes it instantly identifiable. I like the layout of the headlights and grille and the overall feel of familiarity is welcome too. The WagonR’s rear looks quirky even though – it looks a little too huge, nearly like a micro-MPV, even as the tail lamp design offers the vibes of it being an electric car.

The Tiago boasts a greater solid build best than the others and in reality it is the heaviest of the lot which has a few drawbacks, but the heft allows it offer a safer experience, internal out. The Santro isn’t always some distance off in phrases of a solid sense, followed with the aid of the WagonR. The Datsun GO definitely does no longer experience as stable because the others or even the best of plastic used for its bumpers leaves some thing to be desired.

Interiors and area
Being the more recent motors the WagonR and Santro both boast contemporary-searching, spacious interiors and provide a premium experience. In reality each are neck to neck in terms of interior design and attraction. Body colored highlights inside the Santro upload a dash of sportiness and its green-hued seatbelts look like they belong to a sportscar. On the alternative hand, the WagonR is going the traditional manner and makes use of a -tone, beige-black shade scheme for the dashboard which additionally appears attractive. While the Santro’s touchscreen and primary AC vents use the standard Hyundai format. The WagonR’s format appears higher although and its infotainment display additionally has a greater top class vibe.

The hexagonal pattern on the Santro’s seat covers seems first-class, whilst the WagonR seats are included in beige fabric. The Tiago’s all-black interiors have an air of sportiness however its insides lacks the premium experience of the Santro or the WagonR’s cabin. The Tiago’s interior layout is also greater cluttered, other than it having lesser cubby holes. Its centre console additionally looks a little dated, particularly in the business enterprise of the more recent motors here. Quality of plastics is ideal, even though a number of the plastics have some tough edges.

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