BYTON unveils a new take a look at its M-Byte Production interior layout


Today, BYTON unveiled extra information of the interior layout for its first production model, the BYTON M-Byte.
This new glimpse into the M-Byte’s interior layout well-known shows, not handiest key hardware which includes the wraparound dashboard, 7-inch Driver Tablet, physical buttons on the steering wheel, and the eight-inch BYTON Central Touchpad, but also the principle consumer interface (UI) design style. These all further give a boost to the futuristic and premium aesthetic of the BYTON M-Byte’s excessive-tech virtual cockpit, together with BYTON’s core design concept of Digital Power.
At the same time, the interior’s smooth traces and ‘protective’ wraparound dashboard, with harmonious colorings and trim, creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere similar to a high-quit living room.
To shape the Next Generation Smart Device, the designers at BYTON are keen to grasp the idea in these days’ virtual lifestyles and integrate technology with the artwork. At the equal time, they have absolutely included the needs of very last manufacturing from the start. On the BYTON M-Byte, ninety percent of the progressive layout from the idea vehicle changed into retained, which includes the long-lasting 48-inch Shared Experience Display, Smart Surfaces and the 12 stages inward rotating front seats.
“BYTON has a nicely-advanced international design crew in both Germany and China, with top designers and specialists from 17 international locations running together. The various cultural environment of the crew lets in designers to fully have interaction with each other and recognize the life, behavior, and wishes of purchasers from one-of-a-kind nations. Together, BYTON designers are committed to creating main clever mobility for customers around the world”, stated Benoît Jacob, Senior Vice President of Design at BYTON.
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